Buyers Guide: Best 10 Studio Monitor Accessories!

Best 10 Studio Monitor Accessories!


You have already got a desk, some studio foam for insulation, and possibly even some cozy bean bags for visitors, so why do you need a monitor mount, and what is one of the best studio monitor equipment for you?

Opposing surfaces improve a monitor’s bass frequencies, an effect is named loading. Bear in mind, a monitor mount is designed not only to allow you to best place your monitors but an addition to sonically isolate or de-couple them, so maintaining your sound is as clear and correct as potential. It’s also possible to look into equalizer pedals to maintain all the things in check when playing.

Many make the error of leaving their monitors at desk level without angling them in direction of their heads. This causes extra room reflections to return into play, blurs the sweet spot, and reduces the “phantom middle” effect you get from good monitor placement.

Getting the best speaker position is vital to getting a fantastic stereo picture, frequency response, and a larger “sweet spot” so you will not have to remain locked in a single place for hours. These components mixed can help you not solely mix better but sooner as well.

What are the advantages of using studio monitor stands?

Utilizing monitor speaker stands ought to present an immediate benefit to your recording rig. It’s because, not like common hi-fi speakers that are designed to fill a room with sound, studio monitors are designed for reference.

They’re engineered in such a method as to supply a tool for essential listening, serving to producers balance and mix their sounds. If you can also make a sound pleasing on a set of monitors, you might be confident it’ll sound good on every other speaker.

We just want to let you know that we’ll list these studio monitor accessories in no particular order. They’ll be randomized as we don’t wish to sort them from best to worst.

Listed below are our Top 10 Studio Monitor Accessories for 2023:

1. IsoAcoustics ISO-200

The ISO-200 stands to make the sound and the soundstage extra open, to let these recordings communicate at their highest stage. They won’t make an awful ’80s rock record sound like a masterpiece of restraint, but when there’s room sound on the recording, it would pop with these stands.

IsoAcoustics has additionally developed a wise system for setting the tilt of the audio system, one thing crucial for anybody who uses professional monitors, that are designed to be listened to within the near field and aimed straight at the ears.

The brand new ISOs’ improved lower profile is a crucial improvement for many people because it provides extra flexibility, whether or not you choose to put your audio system on a desktop or a meter bridge.

The IsoAcoustics stands to take a distinct approach. They don’t rely on mass or sharply spiked interfaces. The stands are plenty strong enough to carry even 35-pound Barefoot speakers, but gentle enough that you can carry a whole home theater’s worth of stands in a single hand.

IsoAcoustics ISO-200 - Studio Monitor Accessories

  • Isolates studio monitors from the supporting surface
  • Supporting surface: 200 x 255 mm
  • Maximum load bearing capacity: up to 27 kg
  • Price is for a pair

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IsoAcoustics ISO-200

2. Millenium Desktop Monitor Stand DM4

Desktop Monitor Speaker Stands are an ideal accent to boost all forms of studio monitors to ear height for improved sound. With non-slip rubber feet mounted to a sturdy base, even heavier monitors will be held securely on the rubber-covered prime plate. The peak-adjustable pole with a security rod makes it ultimate for small and huge monitors alike.

Neglect the illusion that Millennium could not be sturdy and dependable. These stands are very sturdy and we won’t actually say a lot of negative about them. Although typically when you set the height locking mechanism sloppily the stand could drop one step lower sooner or later, then you really cannot blame anybody but yourself. Apart from that, all the things work simply as you’d anticipate how a monitor stand works.

Millenium Desktop Monitor Stand DM4

  • Tilt angle 10 degrees
  • Variable table mounting (max. 55mm)
  • Height adjustable in 4 steps from 235mm to 280mm
  • Maximum load: 15kg; weight: 1,45kg

Millenium Desktop Monitor Stand DM4
  • Rubber support surface for a stable stand of the monitors
  • Robust construction

3. Auralex Acoustics ProPAD Monitor Isolators

If you’re not aware of them, ProPADs are an upgraded model of their fashionable MoPADs, vibration-dampening pads that slide between your audio system and the furniture on which your monitors sit.

ProPADs stop undesirable vibrations from transferring between the speakers and the furnishings, which colors the general sound. ProPADs are designed for smaller, near-field reference monitors with a maximum of 8-inch woofers, whereas ProPAD XLs are designed for bigger audio systems, like those with twin woofer designs.

Every ProPAD sandwiches three layers of vibration-dampening materials: Auralex Platfoam (utilized in MoPADs), 3-4” MDF wrapped in Melamine, and a thick layer of ISO-Plate constituted of 100% recycled rubber. The three materials work effectively to isolate your monitors from their environment, which interprets to extra correct monitoring surroundings.

Auralex Acoustics ProPAD Monitor Isolators

  • Anti-slip ISO-Plate top panel
  • Tilt angle adjustable for optimising listening axis
  • Dimensions per pad (W x D x H): 20.3 x 33 x 5.4 cm
  • Maximum load: 60 kg
  • Set comprises 2 pads

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Auralex Acoustics ProPAD Monitor Isolators

4. Gravity SP 3202 Studiomonitor Stand

Ensure your speaker stands on its floor by mounting it on the only SP 3202 Studio Monitor Speaker Stand from Gravity Stands. The Gravity studio monitor stand SP 3202 VARI-TILT incorporates a heavy, triangular base fabricated from forged iron and a 25×25 cm metal tray with isolating foam rests.

The stand is provided with a set of spikes. Mounted on massive, built-in rubber feet, these guarantee efficient coupling to the ground. Strong boxing, has some good weight which is in fact never a nasty factor relating to any type of stand.

The stand is top adjustable from 900mm up to 1500mm, enabling you to set out the right speaker position. The top panel of the stand has isolating foam which decouples the monitor and prevents motion.

Gravity SP 3202 Studiomonitor Stand

  • Pipe diameter: 42/35 mm
  • Height adjustable from 900 – 1500 mm
  • Dimensions shelf: 250 x 250 mm
  • Weight: 6.5 kg

Gravity SP 3202 Studiomonitor Stand
  • Massive cast-iron foot
  • Black powder-coating
  • Load capacity: 50 kg

5. IsoAcoustics ISO-Puck mini Set

The ISO-PUCK Mini isolation feet are available in an eight-pack. Each of the small models is able to support as much as six kilos, making 4 of them the best configuration for many bookshelf monitors.

Every of the ISO-PUCK Mini models is fabricated from a number of elements. On the top (the higher flange) is a rubber suction cup. The underside is a rubber-protecting footpad. Within the center is a plastic cylinder housing tuned isolators. You may truly squeeze the models and so they spring back like mini shock absorbers.

The idea is you place one ISO-PUCK Mini underneath every of your speaker’s corners. They take the place of the little rubber pads that most likely came with the audio system. They then isolate the speaker from the floor it’s positioned on. What is going to happen?

This distinctive patented design gives a high degree of isolation whereas resisting lateral movement and oscillations, which leads to better sound clarity and focus.

IsoAcoustics ISO-Puck mini Set

  • Footprint per puck (diameter x height): 44 x 24 mm
  • Maximum load capacity: 2.75 kg per puck

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IsoAcoustics ISO-Puck mini Set

6. Millenium Multi Monitormount MM1

They’re holding safely and soundly. Could be mounted fairly simply and are at a suitable size that almost all common monitors have. They may accommodate even slightly greater speakers. For sure, you want a good hammer drill and durable screws. They can be mounted onto the concrete wall.

There may be not a lot to say about this wall mount, but we will assure you if you screw them properly, you’ll not have any stability issues. The arms also have 5 increments which you can regulate to your needs and monitor placement.

It’s a universal stand, so you’ll have no problem mounting every type of monitor to them. That’s one thing that many manufacturers don’t follow because they’re creating stands for their monitors. But that isn’t the case with these ones.

Millenium Multi Monitormount MM1

  • Dimensions of base plate (W × H): 150 x 200 mm
  • Clamping depth adjustable from 116 – 260 mm
  • Height of upstand in front: 2 cm
  • Maximum weight: 15 kg
  • Weight 3.7 kg

Millenium Multi Monitormount MM1
  • Universal monitor wall bracket
  • Inclination angle continuously adjustable (max. 20°)
  • The arm length of the holder is adjustable in 5 increments

7. TritonAudio NeoLev

NeoLev is a magnetic levitation damper. NeoLev will eradicate direct coupling and decrease associated distortion. They work significantly well underneath nearfield displays or hi-fi monitors, though the effect is clearly audible with any system they’re placed under.

Bass will turn tighter and the lower mid frequencies are better separated from the low frequencies which open up the entire spectrum. The stereo picture is improved. NeoLev eliminates acoustic feedback and mechanical distortion and brings out the total potential of your gear. Cancellation of contact-induced resonance may be very effective as forces perpendicular to the system are stopped from being transferred.

Based mostly on two repelling neodymium magnets one single NeoLev lifts as much as 8kg. NeoLev’s are adjustable to ensure good leveling.

TritonAudio NeoLev

  • Adjustable for perfect alignment
  • Raises up to 8 kg
  • Width: 48 mm
  • Height: 22-30 mm

TritonAudio NeoLev
  • Based on two repulsive neodymium magnets
  • Eliminates acoustic feedback and mechanical distortion

8. t.akustik ISO-Pad 6

We don’t actually have something unfavorable to say about the quality besides that they’re fairly gentle, and the speakers have a tendency to leave an imprint on the pads over time.

With that mentioned, they do the job nicely for smaller studio monitors. The most important difference we discover is that utilizing the pads underneath the displays retains the low frequencies from resonating through the desk which is nice when you do not have the space for monitor stands.

The pads are a great color and can mix into any studio setting. They’re refined and do not take away from the monitors that they are designed to serve. However, if you’re not that much into the aesthetics of your studio colors, this information is not going to matter to you.

t.akustik ISO-Pad 6

  • Measurements (W x H x D): 210 x 40 x 300 mm
  • Colour: Anthracite
  • Package quantity: 1 Pair

t.akustik ISO-Pad 6
  • For acoustic decoupling of studio monitors
  • Load-bearing capacity per pad: 14 kg

9. Millenium Desktop Monitor Stand DM2

This isn’t very expensive and undoubtedly, one of many best-looking desktop monitors stands that you can find on the entire internet, there are surprisingly only a few, ugly and crazy costly for only a stand.

Sturdy, stable enough and we’ll still suggest you do not try to rock them at all – there is a limit. The metal is nice, the padding for each surface is okay, and the monitors and stands themselves do not slide in any way. Fairly simple to place them together.

It’s a good dependable product unless you want one thing extra, to outlive an earthquake or a party. However, in that case, you should not look at something that is not bolted to the wall or the floor.

Millenium Desktop Monitor Stand DM2

  • Maximum load capacity: 10 kg
  • Weight: 1.7 kg
  • Colour: Black
  • Price per piece

Millenium Desktop Monitor Stand DM2
  • Plate dimensions: 23 x 23 cm
  • Base plate: 24 x 24 cm
  • Continuously adjustable in height from 30-51 cm

10. Gravity SP 3102

A mix’s sound and feel are closely influenced by having your monitors positioned in the correct spot. In a home studio, nonetheless, where the area is at a premium, it isn’t all-time doable to place your studio monitors right next to a desk utilizing appropriate stands. The Gravity SP 3102 is the answer to this drawback. The versatile, powder-coated metal stand squeezes onto just about any desk.

The edge of the strong base is simply 25 cm in size. Monitor boxes weighing as much as 25 kg might be flexibly positioned at the height you need, and EVA padding and tilting safety make it attainable to vertically angle them by up to 15 degrees and horizontally rotate them 360 degrees, that means you’ll be able to all the time find the right place on your studio monitors.

Gravity SP 3102

  • With anti-tilt protection for the speaker
  • Support surface. 240 x 250 mm
  • Base edge length: 250 mm
  • Maximum load-bearing capacity: 25 kg
  • Weight: 4.1 kg

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Gravity SP 3102


With this last stand, we are concluding the topic of studio monitors accessories because to be truthful, there is not much to say about them. We all know their purpose because it is really simple. The only additional info that you might need, is to check how to assemble the more complex ones.

Aside from that, you will have no headaches with these accessories, as they are very practical and will help you instantly. If you think that there are some accessories that are worth mentioning, and are not in the article, please let us know in the comment section and we will try to cover them as well. Thanks again!

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