Focal Alpha 80 Evo Review: An Amazing 8-inch Powered Studio Monitor! (2023)

Focal Alpha 80 Evo Review

Focal Alpha 80 Evo

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Active studio monitor
  • Tweeter: 1″ inverted aluminum dome
  • Woofer: 8″ carbon fiber cone
  • Frequency range: 38Hz – 22kHz

Focal Alpha 80 Evo Review

The brand new Alpha 80 Evo contains a newly developed 8-inch slate fiber woofer made out of recycled carbon fiber. The high frequencies are dealt with by a 1-inch inverted aluminum dome tweeter.

Focal Alpha 80 Evo studio monitors are rigorously constructed to ensure even, constant sound at each high and low volume. Focal’s customized drivers deliver a prolonged frequency response from 38 Hz up to 22 kHz with a large, balanced sweet spot that sounds identical throughout the whole room.

A strong 80 W amp drives the woofer, whereas a separate 35 W amp powers the tweeter, working collectively to deliver a most SPL of up to 106 dB. Alpha 80 Evo monitors function in a 5/8″ (15mm) thick MDF cabinet, inside braces, and a customized bass-reflex design to ensure constant sound in any setting, even the most cramped areas!

Focal says that the brand new audio system presents a superb dynamic response and vast dispersion, which ensures a constant sound all through the room. The manufacturer additionally claims a constant tonal balance stays, whatever the volume.

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Focal Alpha 80 Evo Sound

Focal studio monitors have superb popularity amongst professionals. The Focal Alpha 80 Evo persists with this custom. These monitors sound wonderful.

The low end is effectively outlined. Full and warm they deal with lower frequencies with ease. In an appropriately sized room, there isn’t a boominess. Nonetheless, in additional cramped studios, you’ll need to be aware of positioning. The front bass port projects cleanly. For many purposes, you won’t need to add a subwoofer.

Some sound engineers deem a subwoofer pointless. In terms of these 8-inch monitors, we’d agree. Loads of depth and delivery to satisfy. The mid-tones additionally deliver crisp clarity that’s hard to beat. Vocals are sharp and outlined. Instrumental parts are additionally clear. This enables very correct monitoring.

The top end is also extraordinarily polished. No harshness and satisfying clarity for the upper-frequency sections. You may quickly assess and deal with issues in your mix. One thing which is commonly obscured with lower quality monitors.

The sound stage is one other spectacular element. The low directivity ensures a good distribution of sound all through your studio area. Moving around your studio won’t trigger a dramatic change within the audio profile. A wonderful characteristic if in case you have a big studio area. Ear fatigue is also not a difficulty. The clarity and well-executed audio are glorious for longer periods in the studio.

Focal Alpha 80 Evo Controls

There are two devoted controls on the back of the monitor. One controls low-frequency (bass) output and the opposite high-frequency (treble) output. The low-frequency shelving is superb for those who are forced to put these near a wall. Lowering it right down to -6dB helps reduce undesirable low-frequency build-up.

The high-frequency adjustment can compensate for any harshness within the top end. That is particularly helpful in bright-sounding studio environments.

Further to this, there’s a devoted sensitivity switch accessible. An incredible addition in case you are working with an output supply that has hit its limits. The extra 6dB boost makes an enormous distinction without compromising the audio quality.

Focal Alpha 80 Evo Rear Panel

Focal Alpha 80 Evo Design

With a myriad of supplies and shapes used within the company’s tweeters and woofers over the previous decades, Focal is on an endless quest for supplies that can provide the most effective sonic attributes and efficiency in its loudspeaker designs.

This quest has the W Composite fabrics used within the SM array cones, Flax within the Focal Shape line, Polyglass within the impressive Alpha models, and using silk, Beryllium, and more within the company’s tweeter designs.

Alpha Evo high frequencies are controlled by a 1″ aluminum dome tweeter placed in a customized dispersion-controlling waveguide unique to the line.

The low-end flow from drivers is fitted with newly designed Slatefiber cones. These recycled, non-woven carbon fibers are combined with a thermoplastic polymer reported to provide improved velocity for quicker transient response time, deep, well-defined bass (owing to very good cone rigidity), and better dampening of stray resonances.

The Evo cabinets are MDF coated in textured black vinyl much like the unique Alpha models however with freshly molded plastic side panels. One other noticeable distinction is the front-side laminar bass port on the bottom of the cabinet. The brand new single opening is an internally fluted design providing higher low-end extension because it vents and disperses the low-frequency power.

When it comes to aesthetics, the normal cube monitor design makes means for Evo’s rounded contours and the side panels create a sturdy and trendy design that contributes to wonderful sound and a singular and harmonious signature look throughout the Focal assortment. And with built-in mounting points, the brand new Alpha Evo line is ideal for constructing an affordable immersive mixing system.

Inputs supplied are a choice of XLR, 1/4”, and RCA. The input sensitivity could be switched between 0dB and +6dB whereas a pair of shelving filters (+/- 6dB @ 0-250 Hz and +/- 3dB @ 4.5-35 kHz) assist tune the monitors to your room and personal style.

Focal Alpha 80 Evo Features:

  • Neutrality across the full sound spectrum
  • Excellent dynamics for a very low distortion
  • 8” (21cm) Slatefiber cone woofer
  • Large laminar vent
  • Identical tonal balance at both low and high volume
  • Connect up to 3 audio sources
  • Inserts for wall and ceiling fastening
  • Automatic disengageable stand-by
  • Protection grilles included

Why You Need the Focal Alpha 80 Evo

This compact 13 lb., 5″ driver-equipped box comes with all the similar controls, visible styling, and accouterments of the opposite models. It places out 60W (35/25) of energy with 101dB SPL/1m and a 45 Hz-22 kHz frequency response.

The Alpha 50 Evo delivers a very tight and punchy low-end response of the three, and while it is not as room-filling as the larger models, it’ll tackle ample bass for mixing in a smaller area. Because of the dimension of the Alpha 50 Evo, it’s better suited to smaller mix rooms where you can be nearer to the monitors.

8.7Expert Score
Focal Alpha 80 Evo Review

The brand new Alpha 80 Evo contains a newly developed 8-inch slate fiber woofer made out of recycled carbon fiber.

  • Great Clarity and Balance
  • Good Sound Regardless of the Volume
  • Additional Tuning Features
  • Nice Low-End
  • Not your Budget Speaker


There may be lots to love concerning the Focal Alpha 80 Evo. A wonderful improvement on what was already an implausible monitor collection. By far among the finest sounding speakers within the 8-inch market in that price range that are coming out this year.

The attention to element and exact handling of audio is the actual draw right here. Successful and correct they’re perfectly fitted for serious professionals. A wonderful alternative in case your finances allow for it.

In case you are having any questions, please let us know in the comment section below or reach out to the respected developer.


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