HEDD Type 07 MK2 Review: Amazing 7-Inch Studio High-End Monitor! (2023)

HEDD Type 07 MK2

HEDD Type 07 MK2 Review

Rating: 5 out of 5.
  • 7″ Woofer (100 watts)
  • 2″ AMT tweeter (100Watt)
  • Frequency response: 38 – 40,000 Hz
  • Maximum level: 116 dB

HEDD Type 07 MK2 Review

Studio engineers requiring highly effective, correct monitoring will probably be dazzled by the only, black HEDD Audio Type 07 MK2, a compact, precision, nearfield studio monitor nicely suited to mobile broadcast stations, recording, and residential studios, multichannel setups, and VoIP conferences.

The Type 07 MK2 provides a number of enhancements together with the onboard Lineariser, a section linearization instrument that audibly improves spatial replica, in addition to port plugs that enable the speaker to go from a bass reflex to a sealed infinite baffle. The rear panel incorporates a Closed or Ported choice knob, a Low-Frequency Extension management, and a Desktop Filter management to dial in your finest sound.

The two-way design combines a 7″ honeycomb composite woofer and a HEDD Air Motion Transformer (HEDD AMT) tweeter to supply a correct frequency response of 38 Hz to 40 kHz with a most SPL of 116 dB (with two audio systems at 1m).

The sturdy unibody casing options an up-to-date lacquer finish for larger sturdiness and better looks. The enclosure ensures that the cabinet stays secure and supplies effortless audio, even at full energy. The ICEpower amplifier presents 100W per driver and is universally powered for compatibility with any place in the world. The rear panel additionally incorporates a balanced XLR Input and a digital AES input and throughput, in addition to a gain trimmer and high-/low-shelf potentiometers.

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HEDD Type 07 MK2 Sound


We have been very impressed by the bass high quality. Arrange at home at our preferred listening quantity, the bass amount and high quality will not be missing one bit. The ported mode would enable the bass to have an extra presence, however maybe relying on the room and placement, We would say the Ported mode was really too strong. The closed mode is precisely the place we would like the bass to be. You’ll be able to still really feel the vibration however there isn’t an annoying boom.

In Closed mode, the bass texture is great and is a pleasure with Classical items that embody classical instruments. The punch with Pop music is simply as great. It manages to create an effect from speed alone without elevating the presence.

There’s nearly no bodily impact in any respect, the low-end simply fills the room in a cloud of heat and thickness. The low-end extension will not be even shut, regardless of the spec sheet claiming in any other case.

HEDD Type 07 MK2 Frequency Response


The midrange is extremely revealing with a life-like rendition of instruments and voices. Many headphones fail to re-create this stage of realism and we now begin to perceive why pro-audio is concentrated around near-fields. The mids are on without creating fatigue. The Type 07 MK2 unfolds a number of layers of the mixing process and will certainly assist in the mixing process to stop mistakes.

This stage of transparency isn’t heard from IEM and is thus nearly new to us. We are curious how many studio monitors really nail the midrange as we have right here. Moreso, the voices should not be as current and we typically have problems understanding what folks say in films. We don’t have this drawback with Type 07.

High Frequencies

The high frequencies are an excellent deal for HEDD. As the founding father of ADAM Audio, Klaus Heinz mainly made the air movement transformer (AMT) a success as a tweeter. The HEDD AMT is the experience, information, and refinement of over 20 years of improvement. We have not heard any of his previous ADAM monitors, but individuals are saying the HEDD model is essentially the most natural-sounding of all of them.

Although we are not the ones to verify this claim, we can positively inform the AMT sounds as clear as anything. Furthermore, the treble isn’t ahead but we’d describe it as relaxed and laid back, effortlessly replicating the harmonics of violins and cymbal splashes. We’ve positively come throughout far sharper-sounding high-end speakers over time.

You’d count on that a tweeter, which is claimed to extend to 40 or even 50 kHz, to make use of much more presence to succeed in that extension. However, we can safely say that this isn’t the case right here. Vocals stay positioned within the front and there’s no articulation of s-sounds or in any other case definition within the highs. Nonetheless, the AMT in all probability helps to span that giant soundstage.

HEDD Type 07 MK2 Rear Panel
HEDD Type 07 MK2 Brief Features:

  • Frequency response: 32Hz – 50kHz (Crossover: 250Hz / 2500Hz)
  • 2x 100W ICE power amps from Denmark
  • HEDD Lineariser Integration
  • CoP Technology
  • Phase-Linear Subwoofer/ Satellite System
  • Max. SPL: ≥120dB
  • XLR & RCA inputs
  • HEDD Bridge modular inputcard-system for digital connectivity ( AES3, Dante / AES67)
  • Input Gain -30dB +6dB / ±4dB)
  • High (±4dB at 20kHz) and Low (±4dB at 50Hz) shelf controls
  • Universal Mains (85V – 265V)

Why You Need the HEDD Type 07 MK2

If you are at the stage to upgrade your studio monitors or simply purchase something up to date for your casual listening, then this is the monitor set for you. HEDD usually delivered another model that you cannot complain about.

The Type 07 MK2 will give you precise sound and exactly what you need when it comes to an accurate sound stage in terms of audio mixing. Do you already have the funds? Do not hesitate then!

9Expert Score
HEDD Type 07 MK2 Review

Studio engineers requiring highly effective, correct monitoring will probably be dazzled by the HEDD Audio Type 07 MK2, a compact, precision, nearfield studio monitor.

  • Amazing Sound Quality
  • Great Bass Response
  • Great Price for what it offers
  • Linearriser Feature
  • Not a Budget Unit


We summarized what we thought were the most interesting facts about these speakers, with the hope that this will be enough for you to make a decision. No matter if you are an engineer that works in a small home studio or in a big room – you will benefit from having a pair of HEDDs!

In case you are having any questions in regards to these speakers, please let us know below or reach out to the HEDD website for more questions and answers!


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