Avantone MixCubes Review: Stunning Design and Sound!

Avantone MixCubes Review


To appreciate why this Avantone speaker was created, you have to understand the original. The MixCube served in so many significant studios as a leading reference speaker over the last quarter-century or so. The passive Auratone featured one 5-inch driver, that gave a marginally middle-heavy quality. That was ideal for checking how the mix would play to the radio and also on the consumer sound equipment of that age.

Auratone speakers are no longer created. After exploring exactly what made the originals work, Avantone decided to recreate them. They discovered that there were many variations of their Auratone driver. With varying frequency answers and inconsistent responses. They picked the most linear one, very like the original, throwing in a few improvements along the way.

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avantone mixcubes
Avantone MixCubes
avantone mixcubes

Avantone MixCubes Usage and Design

The prevalence of the unique Auratone 5C rested in its ability to simulate playbacks. As often heard from the customers (listeners) end of their records. Let us face it; even now, a lot of designs are with just a single (or pair of) full-range driver(s). Thumping lows and piercing highs are okay. But do your mixes perform to a very limited frequency speaker?

Avantone Mixcubes is made up of the now-unavailable Auratone. Keeping the best of audio quality and also beefed up cabinetry and parts. Now the Active Mixcubes take Auratone notion for its rational and thoroughly modernized conclusion. The cabinets are solidly built and thought out using an MDF structure.

Radiused edges, a polyurethane high-gloss”Butter-Cream” finish. A 7mm neoprene pad and magnetic shielding. Dacron acoustical stuffing and a 5/8-inch threaded insert for mic stand mounting. Input is offered to a Neutrik combo connector (requiring XLR, 1/4 in. TS or TRS) along with an RCA input.

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avantone mixcubes
Avantone MixCubes

Driver Design

The originals were a fundamental 5″ stamped frame layout. They had a proprietary 5.25″ cast aluminum frame driver meeting to exceed the operation of the originals. The mounting bezel is then polished with an elegant look. The paper cone is selected because of its musical character. It’s custom-made and crafted with the best New Zealand pulp using mica fibers inserted for lighter weight & rigidity.

The fabric surround was created in Japan to rough uniform depth tolerances. The Top Plate and T-Yoke of the driver are created of Sumitomo 1008 low carbon steel allowing the maximum exemplified flux density in the gap. The magnets are Y- 40 GRADE (MIL-SPEC) yielding a 43oz. High Power-low distortion engine construction.

avantone mixcubes front and back

Amplifier design

Avantone made the amp module from the ground up to be a real professional-grade amplifier. It incorporates overkill concepts in part selection in addition to safety. The outcome is a no-compromise amp with robust headroom features. It will rival the operation of much higher-priced studio rack mount amps.


  • System Type: Active (Self-powered) shielded full-range stereo pair
  • Frequency Response: 90Hz – 17,000Hz (useful musical range)
  • Impendance: Nominal 8 ohms
  • Max SPL: 104db @ 1 meter = 1%THD (PINK NOISE)
  • Amplifier Type: Class A/B
  • Amplifier Power: 60 watts RMS@ .005% THD (1KHz)
  • Amp Frequency Response: 22Hz-50KHz +0dB/- 3dB (90Hz-50KHz +/-0dB)
  • Noise: S/N -113 dB
  • Sensitivity: 0dBu (.775VRMS) input at maximum volume (+6dB) = 104dB SPL
  • Driver: Proprietary design 5.25″ cast aluminum frame / paper cone / shielded
  • Cabinet: sealed / 18mm MDF / Dacron acoustical stuffing
  • Inputs: XLR & TRS (COMBO JACK) +4/Balanced and -10 unbalanced
  • Weight: 7.13 lbs (per monitor)
  • Dimensions: 6.5″ x 6.5″ x 6.5″
avantone mixcubes black
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avantone mixcubes
Avantone MixCubes

The MixCube speakers are a useful tool for sound mixing and balancing. Together with professional good construction and reasonable price. Believe me, their selling point is their size and portability.

Here is a video explanation and full Avantone Mixcubes Review! Check it out

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