Focal Sub One Review: Amazing 8-inch Powered Studio Subwoofer

Focal Sub One Review

Focal Sub One 8-inch Powered Studio Subwoofer

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Active Studio Subwoofer
  • Two 8-inch carbon fiber woofers
  • Frequency range: 32Hz – 120Hz

Focal Sub One Review

For producers and sound engineers with larger demands within the sub-bass, Focal presents Sub One, a subwoofer that delivers the ability of 200W RMS. Because of its precision and very low distortion, this long-excursion, high-efficiency subwoofer ensures ideally suited coupling with the Alpha Evo line but also the Shape line of monitors by Focal.

The speaker drivers boast a unique double-skinned Slatefiber cone: the 2 cones affixed in opposition to each other supply even larger rigidity, ideally suited for a subwoofer. Lastly, with its giant vents positioned on the front panel, Sub One may be very easily and discreetly positioned alongside a wall or underneath a desktop because it takes up much less depth.

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The Focal Sub One creation leverages cutting-edge materials and engineering to advance state-of-the-art studio monitoring. This packed twin active subwoofer employs twin 8-inch woofers with Slatefiber cones created and handcrafted in Focal’s Saint-Étienne, France-based establishment.

Powered by 200 watts of optimized Class D bi-amplification and engineered to deliver flat tonal stability and excellent dynamic range, the Sub One is a flexible, strong subwoofer that can complement your modern production setting and supply the trustworthy, correct monitoring, high SPL, and deep low-end extension you need to produce world-class outcomes.

On the heart of the Sub One are the brand new Slatefiber LF drivers. The singular traits of the Slatefiber materials used for the cones have dramatically improved the low-frequency extension, dynamic range, and sheer influence of the Sub One as in contrast with its predecessors. In case your projects demand high SPL and ultra-deep low-end extension, you want a Sub One, it is a must-have add-on to your monitoring system.

With their prolonged frequency response and exact imaging, Focal’s Sub One active studio subwoofer is engineered to breed your audio signal with unerring accuracy. However, past its spectacular performance, this sub is designed for versatile, seamless integration into your studio.

The Sub One incorporates an absolutely adjustable lowpass crossover, volume, phase polarity, and extra. You additionally get LFE, left, and right inputs, left and right outputs, and a 2.1 low-frequency administration system for optimum satellite return.

Focal Sub One Setup

In a regular stereo monitoring setup, Sub One is the primary port of call for the stereo signal, after which a pair of parallel XLR outputs cross the feed onto the satellite monitors. This makes the Sub One’s high-pass filter able to trim under either 60Hz or 90Hz from the satellites to fit the subwoofer in.

The filter may be disengaged so Sub One can fill in up to where the stereo monitors drop off through the lowpass filter knob. A footswitch can be utilized to bypass the Sub One and the highpass filter if engaged, which is beneficial for each setting and day-to-day use. For surround conditions, there’s a separate LFE XLR input and parallel output that bypasses the low pass filter.

Focal Sub One Design and Sound

The Sub One’s frequency response is warranted at 32 to 120 Hz. In use, the subwoofer’s low-end extension felt easy, natural, and costly. The newer Evo class proficient Focal monitors, together with the just-introduced Alpha Twin Evo and the Sub One, make use of slate fiber woofer cones with an aforesaid Class D amplifier.

Focal’s slate fiber cone expertise is a composite of recycled non-woven carbon fibers and thermoplastic polymer, which provides excessive rigidity, leading to elevated accurate bass response. The thermoplastic polymer bonds the fibers, which additionally improves damping.

Because carbon fibers are very mild in mass, the ensuing speaker driver’s sensitivity can also be optimized. So, what must all this do with a subwoofer? Characterization. At no time did we really feel like playback was ooze-y or subwoofer-y. It was only a good, absolutely built-in, stable low-end.

Focal Sub One Features:

  • 2 x 8” (20cm) woofers with Slatefiber cone made in France
  • 200 W RMS amplifier
  • Sound neutrality, precise control of bass equalisation
  • Compact design, optimal integration
  • Multiple settings: low-pass crossover, volume, Footswitch input, etc.
  • LFE, left and right inputs / left and right outputs
  • Reproduction of sonic micro-details; precise adjustment of signal compression

Why You Need the Focal Sub One

If you lack what everyone is after in your studio – the sub and the bass range – then this device is the answer to your troubles. The one thing that you will need to take care of before getting this unit is to set your room acoustics properly in order for the subwoofer to improve the sound and not ruin the whole picture.

Focal Sub One is one of the newest additions to Focals’ line of products, meaning that it was made with the latest technologies and materials that are required right now. In our opinion, you will not make a bad decision if you get this woofer, since Focal is known for its high-quality build and sound.

9Expert Score
Focal Sub One 8-inch Powered Studio Subwoofer

Focal completes its Alpha Evo line with the launch of the Alpha 80 Evo and Alpha Twin Evo monitors, as well as a brand-new subwoofer: Sub One. These new products are particularly recommended for producers and sound engineers seeking a high volume and a rich extension of the sub-bass.

  • Will add weight to your mix
  • Cool design and sturdy build
  • The latest technologies used

Conclusion – Focal Sub One Review

Focal satisfies its Alpha Evo line with the release of the Alpha 80 Evo and Alpha Twin Evo monitors, in addition to a brand-new subwoofer – Sub One. This new merchandise is notably advisable for producers and sound engineers looking for an excessive volume and a wealthy extension of the sub-bass.

In comparison with the Alpha Evo range, Sub One is a costly item, however, it’s cheaper than a lot of its high-quality opponents, and for the bass conscious it’s an assured selection for the worth.


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