Best Sound Acoustic Panels: Top 8 + Buyers Guide! (2023)

Best Sound Acoustic Panels


Whether or not you are attempting to deal with the traffic noise, noisy neighbors, or maybe you do not need to disturb the neighbors with noise out of your studio, then you’ll definitely need to soundproof your home.

Relying on your budget and how much sound you need to block out, there are a few methods that you would be able to obtain a soundproof home.

Even when you had been questioning how to soundproof a studio whether it’s part of your home or not – there are still methods, and no, you won’t need a professional.

Acoustic panels are maybe among the most cost-effective strategies you need to use to achieve sound deadening in your house.

We advise staying away from egg crate design foam panels because that is soundproofing foam and it is for different usage. Sound absorbing materials have different properties that will dampen down unwanted noise, absorb bass frequencies and effectively minimize echo + more!

This article will be about acoustic wall treatments – acoustic wall panels that can help solve widespread issues like flutter echo, first reflections, comb filtering, and extra reverberation.

We just want to let you know that we’ll list these best sound acoustic panel reviews in no particular order. They’ll be randomized as we don’t wish to sort them from best to worst.

Listed below are our Top 8 Best Acoustic Panels for 2023:

1. Primacoustic London 8 Acoustic Room Kit

Most rooms in both industrial facilities or residential dwellings have parallel walls. These parallel walls are nice for aesthetics and flooring plans, however, they introduce a world of issues in recording or mixing rooms.

The primary perpetrator is primary reflections. In easiest terms, that is sound bouncing off of walls close to the sound supply. These mirrored sounds recombine and phase cancellation happens, inflicting comb filtering.

Clearly, with phase cancellation, you are not getting a real image of the sound, so your mix will not translate properly on different systems. Primacoustic’s London 8 room equipment makes use of a quartet of Control Columns to tame early reflections.

Positioned close to the sound supply, the Control Columns helps to “outline” the listening space, making it simpler to discern what is absolutely occurring versus listening to the reflections, making each mixing and recording simpler.

If you clap your hands in your room, a lot of what you hear is flutter echo – primarily sound bouncing off the walls, ceiling, and flooring. In a room, this lively will probably be nearly unattainable to add the correct amount of reverb to your mix.

The eight Scatter Blocks within the London 8 room equipment are often put in behind the listening place to assist disperse flutter echo by absorbing among the sound vitality while permitting among the energy to reflect again. This enables for an extra pure sound on the monitoring position.

Primacoustic London 8 Acoustic Room Kit - Beige
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Primacoustic London 8 Acoustic Room Kit – Beige
8.5Expert Score
Primacoustic London 8 Acoustic Room Kit

This set is a great package that is amazing for isolating and improving acoustics in a room. There are 8 pieces that will help you achieve that and all the necessary accessories. I own this set and there is a huge difference in the sound of the room

  • Full set with 8 panels and accessories
  • Easy to set
  • Effective in reducing reverberation in a room
  • Might be expensive
  • Might need more panels to fill the room.

2. Vicoustic Flexi Wave Ultra 120 White

The revolutionary Flexi Wave acoustic panel brings efficiency and design to your studio. Particularly developed to slot in standard clip-in or T-profile frames, that is the one non-square or rectangular tile that matches in standard ceiling frames.

The Flexi Wave Ultra is a singular wall panel from Vicoustic. It really works with each absorbent and diffuse. The panels are fabricated from VicPET wool (PET fibers), MDF, and an anti-scratch layer of melamine.

Flexi Wave Ultra is on the market in two versions: size 1190 mm (complete panel) and size 595 mm (half panel). Each variation can be found in eight standard colors and is offered per box of 6 items only.

The Flexi Wave Ultra panels must be mounted to the wall with the equipped mounting accessories. The setup handbook may be found on their website download files.

Vicoustic Flexi Wave Ultra 120 White
Vicoustic Flexi Wave Ultra 120 White
  • Optimal effective range (absorption): 200 – 630 Hz
  • Dimensions: 1190 x 100 x 150 mm
  • Set includes 6 pieces Flexi Wave Ultra 120
8Expert Score
Vicoustic Flexi Wave Ultra 120 White

This is a decorative acoustic panel that is made to absorb reflections and improve room acoustics. We were able to see them in a studio, and besides the main function they have, they also look great!

  • Great Design and Wavey Pattern
  • Good for Walls and Ceilings
  • Effective for High Frequencies
  • Not good for taming bass

3. Primacoustic 2-inch Stratus 24×48 inch Studio Ceiling Cloud Panel

The Primacoustic Stratus is an acoustical gadget that suspends above the recording console to regulate early reflections, flutter echo, and to assist remove standing sound waves that trigger resonant peaks within the vital mix position.

Once in place, you’ll instantly enjoy an extra managed and intimate acoustic atmosphere, a bigger sweet spot, and decreased ear fatigue.

Enticing and really inexpensive, the Stratus ships in package form and is well put collectively in minutes utilizing a simple screwdriver.

The package features a 2″ thick, 24″ x 48″ acoustic panel constructed from excessive density 6lb per cubic foot (96 kg/m³) glass wool and suspension hardware. The glass wool is encapsulated with micromesh and the perimeters are resin handled to retain the minute fibers. For a lovely look, the panel is roofed in an acoustically clear material.

By itself, the 2″ thick glass wool panel is 100% efficient for frequencies between 400Hz and 20kHz (see the acoustic absorption chart).

To assist management with a broader frequency spectrum, the Stratus could also be angled to differ the air space between the Stratus and the ceiling. This enables the backing surface to additionally take in reflections off the ceiling.

Primacoustic 2-inch Stratus 24x48 inch Studio Ceiling Cloud Panel
Primacoustic 2-inch Stratus 24×48 inch Studio Ceiling Cloud Panel
  • Tames standing waves for an even-sounding room
  • Reduces flutter echo for cleaner recordings and more reliable monitoring
8.5Expert Score
Primacoustic 2-inch Stratus 24×48 inch Studio Ceiling Cloud Panel

This is a great panel that is placed above the head on the ceiling and it is supposed to be suspended from it. You cannot believe how much work this does and how much it helps. Highly Recommended!

  • Its large and covers the required area
  • Easy to Mount
  • Great for Hi Freq and Reflections
  • Need to be properly placed, otherwise might fall.
  • Not that good for low freq.

4. Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium Grey

Cinema Round Premium panels present versatile and chic solutions for sound management for a multitude of functions.

Combining fashionable design with most acoustic effectivity, the fabric-covered Cinema Round Premium panel is often used to manage sound reflections and extra reverberation, serving to you maximize the efficiency of your listening space.

Cinema Round Premium has a broadband efficiency starting from medium-low to high frequencies. It has been confirmed as one of the stable panels with a really high and linear absorption coefficient.

You may additionally set up this product with the brand new VicFix J Profile fixation system utilizing VicFix Base, bought separately.

The Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium is an elegant acoustic panel designed to manage sound reflection between 300Hz and 20kHz.The Vicoustic Cinema Round affords the most acoustic performance with a stunning design fabricated from acoustic foam surrounded by acoustically clear black material.

Extraordinarily versatile, the Cinema Round panel can be utilized in house theatres, recording studios, post-production studios, rehearsal rooms, and mastering suites.

Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium Grey
Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium Grey
  • European fire class (EN): Euro Class F
  • Dimensions per piece: 600 x 600 x 75 mm
  • Set includes: 8 Absorber panels
9Expert Score
Vicoustic Cinema Round Premium

This is a great acoustic panel that will take out what needs to be removed from your room. We actually saw them in use and we really like how they look and how they perform. Very effective!

  • Great Minimalistic Design
  • Easy Placeable on the Walls
  • Amazing Absorption for a big frequency range
  • Limited Shapes
  • Might still need bass traps

5. Acoustical Fulfillment FulFill Acoustical Panel 3-pack

Acoustical Fulfillment FulFill Acoustical Panels are high-end absorptive acoustical remedies. They supply wonderful performance whereas looking nice in your artistic and professional area.

The FulFill Panel can be the core of Acoustical Fulfillment’s progressive and patented Flex-48 Adaptive Treatment System, which lets you switch between absorption and diffusion simply as desired.

The 3-Pack contains three FulFill Panels with included mounting hardware. The 3-Pack is a superb constructing block on your acoustical remedy resolution or the proper add-on as your needs develop.

The panels are 16″x48″x2″ with a beveled edge, the identical panel that’s the core of our progressive Flex-48™ Adaptive Treatment System, in addition to our StudioAF™ Room Kit.

The glossy design of those panels permits them to suit easily into available treatable areas and provides a sense of extra vertical area in your room.

3 Packs ship with three impaling clips per panel for wall mounting. If you’re ceiling mounting them, look to the Rotofast™ Cloud Anchors or Rotofast™ Snap-on Anchors for setting up.

Acoustical Fulfillment FulFill Acoustical Panel 3-pack
Acoustical Fulfillment FulFill Acoustical Panel 3-pack
  • Set of three FulFill absorption panels, 16″ x 48″ x 2″
  • Beveled edges for an aesthetically-pleasing look
  • Includes impaling clips for wall mounting
7Expert Score
Acoustical Fulfillment FulFill Acoustical Panel 3-pack

This is a great set of 3 panels that are big and will help you isolate the room. To be completely honest, I personally never used this product but have general knowledge about these types of panels and they do their job well.

  • Affordable Units
  • Easy to Mount
  • Great for Mid and High Frequencies
  • Limited Units and Shapes
  • Might need more than 3

6. t.akustik PET Wall Absorber 120 WH

The brand new t.akustik PET Absorbers can be found in three sizes. You’ll be able to select from two wall absorbers (60 x 60 cm and 120 x 60 cm) and a ceiling panel, which measures 180 x 120 cm. All options are 50 mm thick.

The developer says that they’re appropriate for optimizing not only studios, podcasting, and streaming rooms, but in addition workplaces, call centers, and rehearsal rooms. With three colors to select from – black, white, and grey – the panels are designed to match all kinds of interiors.

The t.akustik PET absorbers are made from PET fleece and have an efficiency range from 315 Hz. With a quantity-to-weight ratio of approximately 80 kg/m³, they provide an absorption NRC of 0.95.

The PET materials make the absorbers appropriate for top humidity environments, t.akustik says. They’re additionally flame retardant in line with the ASTM E84 (Class 1) standard.

The wall absorbers can be mounted on the wall utilizing the included L hooks. The ceiling panel has 4 adjustable stainless-steel cables for suspension, in addition to 4 hooks.

t.akustik PET Wall Absorber 120 WH
t.akustik PET Wall Absorber 120 WH
  • Effective range: from 315 Hz
  • Material: PET fleece, 50 mm thick (tolerance of +/- 10%)
  • Volume weight: approx. 50 kg/m3
  • Absorption NRC = 0.95
8Expert Score
t.akustik PET Wall Absorber 120 WH

The best thing about these absorbers is that they are recycled and we stand behind every green initiative. They are performing nicely and are great to reduce the reflections. A friend has them – really satisfied!

  • Eco Friendly
  • Light and Easy to Place
  • Good for a Big Range of Frequencies
  • Limited in colors
  • Might need more to cover your studio

7. ClearSonic CSPS2DG 24 x 22-inch

ClearSonic SORBER S2 baffles enable you to tame your sound onstage or within the studio. Made to work with ClearSonic’s acrylic panels or mount on a wall, SORBER S2 baffles are simple to position and really effective at absorbing sound.

Every 24-inch x 22-inch x 1.5-inch baffle is constructed from inflexible fiberglass encased in the heavy-duty carpet. The outside is very hook-and-loop pleasant, so it is easy to connect and dangle SORBER S2s.

When it is advisable to take control of your onstage or studio sound, you want ClearSonic isolation products. ClearSonic parts and programs assist preserve amplifiers and drum kits from overwhelming the room, without sacrificing visibility.

Clear acrylic panels and extenders let performers see out (and let your viewers see the performers) whereas reining within the loud volumes acoustic drums and guitar amplifiers can generate.

ClearSonic additionally has the parts and sound-absorbing baffles it is advisable to make your setup complete. Whether or not you want a small panel setup for your amplifier, a full isolation booth for the drum kit, or one thing in between, ClearSonic has an answer for you!

ClearSonic CSPS2DG 24 x 22-inch
ClearSonic CSPS2DG 24 x 22-inch
  • Constructed from fiberglass encased in heavy-duty cloth
  • Reduces reflections
  • Works well with hook-and-loop material
7.5Expert Score
ClearSonic CSPS2DG 24 x 22-inch

Another amazing product that tames sound isolation and gives control to the reflections. With our experience with acrylic panels, we can say that they are widely used and all for a good reason!

  • Effective in Containing Sound
  • Easy to Place and Very Light
  • Great for Studios and Live Rooms
  • Might need more units for larger setups

8. Auralex ProPanel ProKit-1 Acoustical Room Treatment System

The obsidian ProPanel ProKit-1 All-In-One Acoustical Room Remedy System from Auralex is a package deal of acoustical absorption panels designed to manage undesired mid-and high-frequency reflections in small- to medium-sized rooms (8 x 10′ to 12 x 12′).

The ProPanel Fabric-Wrapped Acoustical Absorption Panel from Auralex is a 2″ x 2′ x 4′, obsidian-colored, beveled-edge panel designed for coping with acoustic issues in recording studios, mastering rooms, homes, and residential theaters.

Use it to cut back distracting reverb, enhance speech intelligibility, and reduce problematic reflections and flutter echo. Enhancing the sonic accuracy of a room will lead to extra pleasing and productive expertise within the space.

The material-wrapped fiberglass Auralex panels are Class A fire-rated, deliver a noise discount coefficient of 1.05, and might be mounted on walls or ceilings. The ProPanel ProKit-1 consists of seven beveled wall panels (2″ x 2′ x 4′) and two reverse-mitered nook bass trap panels (2″ x 2′ x 4′). Mounting accessories are included.

Auralex ProPanel ProKit-1 Acoustical Room Treatment System
Auralex ProPanel ProKit-1 Acoustical Room Treatment System
  • Includes 7 x B224 ProPanels (2′ x 4′ x 2″) to reduce room modes and standing waves
  • A pair of M224 ProPanel bass traps (2′ x 4′ x 2″) fit in corners and reduce low-frequency buildup
8.5Expert Score
Auralex ProPanel ProKit-1 Acoustical Room Treatment System

Designed to improve the sound quality of a room, the Auralex ProPanel ProKit-1 Acoustical Room Treatment System incorporates absorptive panels and bass traps. As a home studio owner, I found Auralex panels extremely useful.

  • Complete Package
  • Great Absorption on a Wide Range
  • Easy to Mount
  • Higher in Cost

Now that you have read our reviews, then you need to hopefully have discovered a set of acoustic foam panels that meet your necessities. There is a good probability, nevertheless, that you’ve got still got some questions about this product.

Maybe you are not sure what the panels are created from. You may also not know how many you can purchase. You may even be questioning where the optimum place to mount there is perhaps. There isn’t any need to worry. We’ll now reply to some of these questions you might need.

In our buyer’s guide, we’ll offer you all the key information about acoustic panels. Make sure to take the time to learn this information carefully. In case you do, then you’ll not only make a smart buy, but you will even be able to mount the panels as soon as they arrive.

What are Acoustic Panels and What are They Made From?

In case you’re new to home recording, then you’ve possibly been researching what you want in your studio to seize professional-level audio.

Acoustic panels might be one of many pieces of equipment that you’ve most likely discovered really useful on many occasions. However, have you learned what they are?

Luckily, they’re quite simple. The panels are created from absorbent material and are placed on hard surfaces, reminiscent of walls or ceilings.

Rather than sound reverberating towards these hard surfaces – which trigger echoes and reverb – the sound is instead dampened. This provides warmth to your recording, in addition to making it sound extra professional.

Acoustic panels aren’t simply suitable for individuals who record music. They’re additionally extremely beneficial to anybody who records YouTube videos or podcasts.

By dampening the sound and eradicating echoes, it makes your voice sound clearer, warmer, and extra natural. In addition, they assist to take away undesirable typical background noises too.

This product is available in an enormous range of shapes, sizes, and colors. Usually, they are often cut right into a shape or dimension that fits your needs.

How To Fix Acoustic Panels Without Damaging Your Walls

There are a number of ways of installing acoustic panels to your walls and ceiling without causing a lot of damage. There are various easy-to-install acoustic panels that will take down the bad sound waves that will confuse your listening.

Glues and Adhesives

Liquid adhesives designed for mounting acoustic sound panels reminiscent of Auralex’s TubeTak Pro, spray-on adhesives like FoamTak, and adhesive mounting tabs like EZ-Stick do a superb job of mounting your panels in your walls and ceiling.

However, because the adhesives are so robust they normally end up taking off your paint once you attempt to take away them and cause damage to the panels themselves.

So enterprising studio owners have come up with different options:

  • Command Picture Hanging Strips – these adhesive strips won’t harm walls when they’re removed, based on the manufacturer.
  • Monkey Hook Picture Hangers – these hooks only make a really small gap in your wall, however, can support as much as 50 lbs. when used on normal 1.2” drywall.
  • Double Stick Tape – this tape is powerful enough to carry lightweight panels and normally won’t take the paint off the walls.
  • Impaling Clips – these cheap clips are designed for hanging panels and bass traps. They’re screwed into the wall to allow them to hold way more weight than adhesive-based mostly solutions. Screw holes can be simply patched and painted over when needed.
  • Small Head Nails – We hooked up our own panels utilizing small head nails. The holes are small enough to neither trigger visible damage to the panels nor the walls and ceiling.
best sound absorption panels

How one can get the Best Result out of Acoustic Panels?

The usage of an acoustic panel just isn’t a difficult job however getting the perfect sound quality or improving within the selective noise absorption potential might be improved by merely following the beneath tips.

  • Be sure to use soundproof paint earlier than using these panels because it will reduce the sound reflection.
  • It is best to use both acoustic panels and diffusers on the side partitions to eradicate the flutter echo and comb filtering.
  • Behind the recording setup, you need to use both acoustic panels and bass traps to soak up a high, mid, and low range of frequencies.
  • Be sure to make use of strategically bass traps on each area where the ceiling meets the walls. Because it will scale back the bass buildup.
  • Additionally, use acoustic foam tiles (sound absorption tiles) on the floor in order that your room becomes 100% noise-free.

Along with the following tips better you choose the high-quality acoustic panels and the one qualitative standards to evaluate any materials quality is NRC (Noise-reduction Coefficient number.)

If the fabric has an NRC worth of 0.05 that means, it may possibly take up only 5% of the noise power and reflect all which means extra noise and echo so choose the one which has a value near 1.

Follow these tips carefully because only buying soundproof panels just isn’t enough. It’s a must to set them up or when you have some extra money then you may hire a professional to make the work done.


Using sound-dampening panels in your studio may improve the sound quality, sound absorption and help with noise reduction. To absorb sound should be one of the first thoughts when starting to build your studio.

We suggest swaying away from acoustic foam material panels because there are no best acoustic foam panels that can do the job 100% right. They might be good for some sound isolation if you are on a tight budget, but if you are after serious acoustic treatment, we prefer to go with the real acoustic panels.

So to block sound and unwanted sound reflections you will need sound-absorbing panels, acoustic tiles, bass traps, and diffusers. Your recording studio will benefit from blocking any sound wave that is harmful and the undesired sound reflection will go down.

If you are having any questions, please let us know in the comment section below!

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