Adam A4V Review: Brand New 4-Inch Studio Monitor! (2023)

Adam A4V Review

Adam Audio A4V

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
  • 4″ MLM woofer
  • Rotatable X- ART tweeter + HPS waveguide
  • Frequency range: 53 – 42.000 Hz (-6 dB)

Adam A4V Review

ADAM Audio presents the A4V speaker, an optimum resolution for small studio rooms and small listening distances. Regardless of its small dimension, it scores with exact reproduction and highly effective sound – an ideal mixture for podcast productions to the mixing of a string quartet.

The two-way monitor makes use of ADAM Audio’s famed X-ART tweeter in addition to a 4-inch woofer, which – as with all A-Series models – is fabricated from an extremely lightweight but extraordinarily sturdy mineral fiber materials (MLM). Along with DSP expertise to calibrate, update, and modify the monitors, the A4V delivers excellent sound in a variety of working environments.

ADAM guarantees gorgeous clarity and low distortion owing to new woofers and midrange drivers. There’s additionally the A Control software program that permits you to push advanced filters directly to an embedded platform onboard the monitors to compensate for room deficiencies. It was about time somebody gave monitor DSPs an honest go at operating user-customizable software programs.

In ADAM’s case, the room modification tech is used from Sonarworks. In the event you ever had a curiosity about that, you know what to expect. Moreover, the upgradeable firmware (which lets ADAM evolve the monitors) and a prolonged 5-year guarantee (plus post-warranty help) make sure the monitors’ longevity.

Adam Audio Logo

Adam Audio A4V Design and Sound

Each side of the A Series’ design, materials, and elements contributes toward distinctive sound quality and improved output when evaluating related models of the previous AX Series. The elegant design of A Series cupboards additionally contributes to superior audio efficiency.

Particularly, the cabinets have deeper beveling to attenuate diffraction and thicker baffle partitions that scale back vibrations inside the enclosure. In addition, a flared-port design reduces port noise in contrast with the AX Series audio system by optimizing airflow.

X-ART tweeter & rotatable HPS waveguide

Due to the ADAM Audio HPS Waveguide, you get exactly directed sound with huge dispersion within the horizontal and tight focus in the vertical. Made from novel high-density fiberglass polymer materials, undesirable resonances are minimized, leading to a clearer sound.

Conveniently, the tweeter may be rotated 90 degrees to permit the monitor to be used vertically and horizontally without sacrificing the advantages of the waveguide. Within the heart of this HPS waveguide is the so-called X-ART tweeter – handcrafted in Germany and with the assurance of most impulse responses and detail.

Woofer manufactured from multi-layer mineral

The bass drivers of every A-Series speaker encompass a number of, tightly bonded layers of mineral fiber materials that are characterized by low weight and most stiffness.

Specifically tailored for every speaker model and together with the likewise newly developed magnet system, every bass driver delivers excessive ranges with minimal distortion – optimum for a clear and highly effective bass during playback.

Digital and Analog

Pushed by Class-D power amplifiers, the bass drivers are ideally fitted to linear efficiency and minimal distortion. The facility amplifiers are used to impress with high efficiency and low heat generation whereas creating the potential for additional enhancements and even larger performance.

For high and, relying on the model, additionally mid-range drivers, Class AB power amplifiers are used, which are recognized for a notably impartial reproduction of high frequencies.

Characterful Sound

The A-Series additionally presents the characterful and current sound you’d count on from ADAM Audio. “UNR” or “Uniform Natural Response” is a dynamic, natural-sounding voicing that’s selectable on the back panel of the monitors. Its design stems from quite a lot of iconic ADAM Audio legacy merchandise, together with the previous AX Series.

It lends itself to production, composition, and songwriting as its partaking sound may give you extra room for creativity and flow. Additionally, it is an amazing choice every time you wish to use your audio system merely to enjoy some good music.

Adam A4V Back Panel

DSP technology

In comparison with pure analog audio systems, A-Series models deliver considerably improved and extra extensive fine-tuning choices. Because of the built-in DSP, the audio system will be simply connected through Ethernet and fed with the most recent firmware updates. So you at all times get the most recent filter sorts, voicings, and extra.

The 4-band equalizer with its parameters for bass, desk, presence, and treble permits over 100 variants of fine-tuning for changes to probably the most demanding listening environments within seconds.

One other sensible function is the opportunity of remote management through A Control remote software. Right here you may conveniently alter the monitoring volumes and all settings, fully unbiased of your monitoring place. Particularly in multi-purpose studio rooms, the fast reconfiguration of all monitor features through A Control is especially helpful.

Nonetheless, when you choose to calibrate your setup with the assistance of a measuring microphone and the popular Sonarworks software program (both not included), you may also do that without any issues!

Adam Audio A4V Features:

  • 2-way powered studio monitor designed for nearfield applications
  • 4-inch, long-excursion LF driver delivers bold, accurate projection
  • X-ART tweeter provides surgically-precise high-end
  • DSP-based tuning helps you get the most out of your monitors and your room
  • Deep integration with Sonorworks SoundID Reference plug-in
  • 24-bit AD converter and 96kHz internal sampling rate preserves your audio quality
  • Vertical orientation allows you to use any monitor stand
  • Includes both balanced and unbalanced inputs

Why You Need the Adam Audio A4V

If it is your time to update your monitoring system and get a new set of monitors, and even if you are in a small room – then this is a set of monitors that you will benefit from. With the latest technologies used on these monitors, you will be up to date and in trend with the newest know-how for studio monitors.

Besides that, Adam Audio is a brand that is highly revered in the audio monitoring world and you should expect the best performances when it comes to proper listening for both mixing and enjoying.

9Expert Score
Adam Audio A4V Review

ADAM Audio presents the A4V speaker, an optimum resolution for small studio rooms and small listening distances.

  • Great DSP Technology used
  • X-Art Ribbon Tweeter
  • Amazing Nearfield Sound
  • Affordable Price for Adam Audio


This is one of the speakers that are coming in the brand new A-Series from Adam Audio. They continue to deliver one of the best affordable speakers that are out of the beginner phase and are running towards the semi-professional studio monitor sets.

In case you are having any questions or concerns in regards to this series, feel free to contact us in the comment below or reach out to Adam audio for more in-depth answers.


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