SSL BUS+ Review: Great New Addition from SSL! (2023)

SSL BUS+ Review


Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
  • Digitally controlled
  • 4 Operating modes: Stereo, S/C Stereo, Dual Mono, Mid-Side
  • Detented potentiometers

SSL BUS+ Review

If there’s a single piece of an analog processing tool that’s synonymous with Solid State Logic, it should be the SSL Bus Compressor. From the very first commercially launched SSL 4000 B console in 1976 and thru many generations of SSL consoles that have been adopted, the Bus Compressor has at all times been the stalwart of the console center part.

For most of the world’s prime engineers and producers, the Bus Compressor continues to be probably the most relied upon processing device for making mixes sound greater and extra complete, with drive and vitality from including that legendary SSL glue and punch.

With the SSL BUS+, Solid State Logic has been on a mission to create the ultimate and most adaptable incarnation of the Bus Compressor ever. The bedrock of the design stays trustworthy to the unique circuit and utilizing this as the inspiration, they’ve constructed it, including a number of distinctive coloration choices and superior processing instruments.

In case you want it to be clear and punchy just like the Super Analogue 9000 Series model, it may be. If you want it to be gritty and grungy like an early 4000E, it might also do this. Or for those who need over-the-top, saturated parallel compression for the drums, the Bus+ has got you covered.

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Modes in SSL Bus+

The Bus+ permits you to process audio in basic stereo, summed S/C stereo (which prioritizes mono content material), dual mono, or mid/side modes. What’s additionally very cool is the choice to select from a parallel wet/dry mode (which crossfades from dry to wet), or true “NY-style compression”, which retains the dry signal at 100% and blends within the compressed signal. Now that’s versatility.

Furthermore, you may select between feed-forward and feed-back compression at the push of a button. The detection circuit additionally provides loads of versatility. You possibly can use the inner sidechain path with an adjustable high-pass filter or a separate exterior sidechain signal. This impacts the compressor, the D-EQ (LF and HF independently), or both at a similar time.

SSL Bus+ Character

There’s a reason why so many plug-ins attempt to imitate that “British” sound, and the SSL The Bus+ allows you to select from a number of variations of it. The 4K button allows you to experience the sound and character (harmonic distortion) of the SSL 4000 console with 9 ranges of distortion to select from. On top of that, you may push the LF Gain knob to trigger the G-series filter mode (12 dB/oct.).

Built-in Dynamic EQ Feature

The Bus+ incorporates a number of superior processing instruments including the brand new Dynamic Analogue Equaliser (D-EQ).

The D-EQ is a robust 2-band Dynamic EQ that may be placed before or after The Bus Compressor. Many engineers are acquainted with Dynamic EQ plug-ins contained in the DAW however analog Dynamic EQs are few and far between.

A Dynamic EQ is an extra ‘intelligent’ type of EQ that adjusts the gain of an EQ band proportionally in response to the signal level once above a set point. It permits you to modify the distinction between background material (below threshold) and forward materials (above threshold).

Each band boasts a 0.5dB–15dB adjustable range and the high-frequency band may be switched to a bell form, with selectable frequencies masking high-midrange and high frequencies.

You get a G-Series mode that adjusts the D-EQ’s low-frequency filter to second order with a level of below and overshoot; you also get tri-color activity LEDs and individual bands that may be bypassed.

SSL Bus+ Front

SSL Bus+ Components

The Bus+ circuit design not only utilizes high-grade parts, such as 2181 THAT VCAs within the audio path for superior analog efficiency, but it is also usually incredibly flexible, providing 4 modes of operation and three distinct compression coloration choices that may be combined to go well with the style you’re engaged on completely.

As if that wasn’t enough, the Bus+ has an all-new Dynamic Equalizer (mentioned above), a Transient Expander, and complete connectivity and routing choices.

The entire pots on the Bus+ are stepped and read by a microcontroller which interprets the position of the pots into the required circuit configuration or electrical parameter. This progressive method not only makes recall considerably simpler, it additionally means the Bus+ is not subject to pot tolerances – perfect for precision processing purposes like mastering.

SSL Bus+ Features:

  • Contains 100% analog circuitry, with stepped, digitally controlled front-panel pots
  • Packs 5 decades of SSL Bus Comp tech into a convenient rackmount unit
  • Negative compression ratios give rise to creative pumping effects
  • 2 ranges of precision MDAC-controlled make-up gain
  • Mix control supplies dead-simple parallel compression
  • Super-accurate moving-coil gain-reduction meters
  • Includes an unlockable Transient Expander bonus mode
  • 2-band, parallel dynamic D-EQ includes LF and HF bands
  • Includes both Compress and Expand modes
  • 3 choices of time constants for each EQ band: Nominal, Fast, or Auto

Why You Need the SSL Bus+

There is not much to say when it comes to the quality products SSL produces. Bus+ is no exception when it comes to processing single-channel, group, or the whole mix bus. There is no doubt in terms of the quality and materials used in this processor.

Also, the price that comes with this unit is completely acceptable for the product you are getting. Do not hesitate for this device because it most definitely will improve the quality of the signal you are processing!

9.6Expert Score
SSL Bus+ Review

With the SSL BUS+, Solid State Logic has been on a mission to create the ultimate and most adaptable incarnation of the Bus Compressor ever.

  • At heart, still the traditional SSL bus compressor.
  • Plenty of extra compressor settings/features.
  • Features a two‑band dynamic EQ.
  • Pleasingly precise management.
  • Sophistication never spoils the ‘analog’ consumer experience.
  • No software updates to fret about.
  • No HF EQ band in M‑S or dual-mono.
  • Some helpful features are only accessible throughout the startup.


You will not be disappointed if you decided to get this unit. We provided you with a couple of options that you can reach in terms of purchasing this amazing device. SSL Bus+ will become the new studio standard rack-mounted compressor and processor and there is no doubt about that.

If you wanna check out some other compressors you can do it here and if you have any more questions in regards to this exact unit, please let us know in the comment section below!


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