Audient Evo 16 Review: Brand New USB Audio Interface from Audient! (2023)

Audient Evo 16 Review

Audient Evo 16 Review

Eight award-winning EVO Preamps created with superior converter expertise will make all the things you do sound better. Add to that, smart mic preamps that set their very own ranges with Smartgain, the all-new, groundbreaking Motion UI management system, and sufficient I/O firepower to sort out even the largest of sessions, EVO 16 is really a studio powerhouse, designed from the bottom up to make recording straightforward.

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Audient Evo 16 Sound, Preamps, and Features

EVO 16 contains eight high-quality EVO Mic Preamps, available via the combo jacks on the front and rear of the device. Backed by 25 years of engineering expertise, the corporate’s analog EVO preamp has been designed to deliver a correct, clear, and true-to-source model of your audio (it doesn’t matter what you are recording) with ultralow distortion, a noise-free signal, and a 58 dB gain range to simply power gain-hungry mics.

The EVO preamp expertise not only affords the sonic benefits of an analog preamp but combines it with digitally managed precision, providing you with the flexibility to set your gain with pinpoint accuracy right down to a decibel. This additionally works nice for stereo pairs, as you possibly can link pairs of input channels.

Two JFET Instrument Inputs for Basic Tone and Modern Sound

EVO’s harmonically wealthy JFET instrument input circuit is designed to copy the input stage of a traditional valve amplifier, offering an excellent sonic basis before you hit your guitar sims. The two 1/4″ instrument inputs on the front panel allow you to attach instruments equivalent to electric guitars and basses. The instrument input is typically often known as a DI (Direct Injection) and gives a high-input impedance to get the perfect tone out of your instruments.

High-Efficiency Converters for Clear, Sharp Audio Quality

Offering a large 121 dB of dynamic range, EVO 16’s high-performance converter expertise makes sure you hear your audio precisely, serving to you make artistic decisions confidently, determine issues, and enhance your recording and mixing process.

With rock-solid driver efficiency, high-speed USB connection, and ultralow latency monitoring, EVO 16 delivers the reliability wanted for advanced recording and mixing workflows.

Smart gain is a powerful function that helps you get a recording as fast as possible. It is ready to listen to all of the activated inputs and routinely set gains for all eight channels in a matter of seconds. Merely arrange your mics, hit Smartgain, and press record.

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Evo 16 Design

The Motion user interface (UI) has been developed to simplify the way you work together with your audio interface.

Ultraclear Display

Each adjustment, each element, and each button press is fantastically displayed in real-time on the backlit color LCD Display, letting you navigate hardware options effortlessly, make adjustments on the fly, and take full management of your recording session.

The display screen intelligently shows info as you need it, providing totally immersive expertise without even watching your computer screen. IPS technology means info on the display screen stays legible irrespective of your viewing angle.

One-Knob Centralized Management

Designed to maintain your session in movement, One-Knob-Management permits you to glide through EVO 16’s hardware options from a single centralized point.

Channel Standing and Metering

Pressing an input or output knob momentarily shows the channel title, the levels, and the features activated for that particular channel. All the data you ever need in a single place.

Keep watch over your ranges by shortly cycling through your inputs and outputs with EVO 16’s crystal-clear full-color metering.

Function Button

Because of the customizable F button, you possibly can assign any of EVO 16’s superior monitoring controls to this programmable function button for a workflow simply the way you prefer it.

Versatile Routing Choices with Eight Line Outputs

Connect and listen to your mixes via a number of sets of audio systems with EVO 16’s eight-line outputs. Alternatively use the additional line outputs to send audio to exterior outboard gear, equivalent to compressors or FX units, or to headphone amps for allocation to your artists.

EVO 16’s two devoted headphone amps simply power headphones up to 600 ohms all while letting you enjoy detailed monitoring and playback, and loads of volume.

Room for Expansion with Two Digital I/Os

Whether or not you are recording drums or taking up on a full band, EVO 16’s optical inputs and outputs have got you covered. Supporting each ADAT and S/PDIF, add up to 16 channels of mic preamps to your setup, supplying you with loads of choices for increasing your studio down the road – pairs nicely with any exterior mic preamp.

Stacked or Racked

At simply over 1″ wide with non-slip rubber toes, EVO 16 works completely whether on your desktop, underneath your laptop computer or as a permanent fixture to your studio with optionally available rack ears. Upon registering the EVO, customers can request the rack ears which will be shipped to them instantly. This is an option that Audient brand offers to their customers, depending on their needs.

Audient Evo 16 Rack Ears

Evo 16 Controls

In case you might be switching between two sets of audio systems utilizing the ALT monitor function, checking your mix in Mono, or quickly communicating together with your artist utilizing Talkback, all options may be activated straight from EVO 16’s front panel. The best part is you get to customize which control is assigned to the hardware F-button.

The F-button on the entrance panel can be utilized to activate Talkback, enabling you to remain in touch with an artist via their headphones. EVO 16’s devoted talkback technology permits you to use any audio supply linked to your computer equivalent to a built-in or USB microphone as your talkback mic, liberating up valuable mic preamps for recording.

The EVO Mixer software program gives additional choices for organizing and routing inputs and outputs and low-latency monitoring.

EVO 16 contains Loop-back channels that mean you can take audio from applications on your computer and feed it to a different utility, nice for recording computer audio, video calls, or organizing gaming streams. You can consider it as a digital cable that runs out of your app outputs back to different app inputs.

The EVO 16 features a BNC Wordclock output, which lets you clock a number of digital devices to the EVO 16’s master clock and maintain everything in sync.

Evo 16 Features:

  • USB 2.0 audio interface provides 24-in/24-out over a common USB-C connection
  • 8 analog Evo mic preamps yield 58dB of gain and digital-precise control
  • Contains 2 JFET instrument inputs, 2 headphone outputs, and ample digital I/O
  • Includes monitor control, audio loopback, and a word clock output
  • Top-notch 24-bit/96kHz AD/DA converters supplies crystal-clear audio with 121dB of dynamic range
  • Smartgain automatically analyzes your input signals and adjust each channel’s preamp gain
  • Intuitive Motion UI control system with high-resolution TFT-LCD screen
  • Channel status indicator displays the channel’s name, levels, and functions activated
  • Easy-to-read, full-color metering makes keeping an eye on your levels a breeze
  • 1-knob control and customizable F-button ensure simple, trouble-free operation

Why You Need the Audient Evo 16

If you need the latest technologies when it comes to an audio interface and you do not want to spend an enormous amount of money, then Evo 16 is your solution. With the Smart Gain option, you will be able to easily set your recording ranges and have no worries if you are recording too quiet or too hot.

We suggest you go ahead and try it out, and with all the options that it offers, we guarantee that you will like it and have it be the centerpiece of your recording studio. Maybe it seems like it is made for project studios, but believe us – you can tame and record even the most complicated sources without any problem.

8.6Expert Score
Audient Evo 16 USB Audio Interface

Eight award-winning EVO Preamps created with superior converter expertise will make all the things you do sound better. EVO 16 is really a studio powerhouse, designed from the bottom up to make recording straightforward.

  • High-Quality Inputs and Preamps
  • Smart Gain Feature
  • Great Display
  • High Impedance Headphone Outputs


All you need to know we tried to cover in our simple article here and we hope that it is enough to hook you up for this new device from Audient. it is not simple-looking like the previous two versions from the Evo series and you will have much more fun with it – that’s a promise!

Below you will be able to find a video from the developer where they will cover the audio interface a little bit more in-depth!


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