Boss RE-202 Space Echo Review: New and Amazing Digital Delay and Reverb Pedal!

Boss RE-202 Space Echo

Boss RE-202 Space Echo Review

Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • Effects Pedal for Electric Guitar
  • Space Echo Tape-Delay & Spring Reverb
  • 12 Delay/Reverb Modes
  • 127 Program Memories

Boss RE-202 Space Echo Review

The BOSS RE-202 Space Echo effects pedal faithfully delivers the genuine sound and conduct of the enduring Roland RE-201 Space Echo in a cultivated delay pedal with modern options.

Launched in 1974 and produced for over 14 years, the Roland RE-201 Space Echo was recognized for its distinctive rhythmic echo sounds, warm sound, and extremely playable sonic quirks. Released in 1974, the Roland RE-201 Space Echo stands among the many most legendary and sought-after effect models ever produced.

Constructed by the company that designed the original, the RE-202 captures the magic with flawless recreations of everything that influenced the RE-201’s sound, together with the tape path, record/playback mechanism, motor variations, preamp coloration, tape age, spring reverb character, and extra, plus a slate of all-new algorithms.

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Boss Space Echo History

The RE-201 was a benchmark Roland product and one of many main tape echo models of its period. It featured three evenly spaced heads that gave a wider range of echo effects than typical single-head designs, plus a modern free-running tape system that supplied superior efficiency with minimal tape wear.

Grab-and-go controls enabled fast entry to clean, single delays, or varied head mixtures for dense, rhythmic echoes. A spring reverb tank was included too, making the RE-201 a one-stop store for high-quality ambiance effects. Last but not least, analog preamp circuitry was one other key ingredient within the Space Echo’s wealthy sonic recipe.

Realized via the most recent applied sciences and exhaustive evaluation of a number of vintage RE-201s, together with a pristine authentic unit from the BOSS and Roland factory archive, the RE-202 brings the whole Space Echo expertise to life in a flexible modern pedal.

Whereas previous BOSS designs captured the true sonic taste and important traits of the Space Echo, new developments have allowed us to go a lot deeper than ever before. With the RE-202, the engineers have absolutely reproduced all of the advanced, non-linear behaviors that contribute to the RE-201’s immortal character.

Everything that influences the sound was fastidiously examined and recreated with all-new algorithms, together with the tape path, record/playback mechanism, motor variations, preamp coloration, tape age, spring reverb character, and way more.

Boss RE-202 Space Echo Sound

Tape echo was the primary delay effect and one of many first effect processors accessible for electronic musicians. In distinction with today’s CPU-based digital models, a tape echo is a straightforward machine that makes use of a motor to drag magnetic tape throughout a number of record/playback heads. Warm, full, and dynamic, the tape echo sound is influenced by many components.

The ever-changing input stage colors the sound with various amounts of tape saturation and compression. In addition, motor pace fluctuations, friction, wow and flutter, and different parts introduce an interesting modulated character that’s refined and frequently evolving.

The RE-202 delivers the complete classic vibe of the RE-201 without the necessity for normal tape alternative and hardware upkeep. All of the core controls of the original are right here, together with the long-lasting 12-position mode selector. Each behavior is replicated with full accuracies, such as the gradual pitch change that happens when the Repeat Rate knob is tweaked, or the cool runaway feedback that occurs when the Intensity knob is maxed.

With selectable tape age and variable controls, you may dial in everything from a brand-new Space Echo to the worn character and quirks of a well-loved classic piece. The Saturation management has been rigorously calibrated based mostly on the precise magnetic tape and preamp behaviors of the RE-201, with the sound changing into warmer and extra compressed as you turn up the knob. And with the expressive Wow and Flutter management, you may conjure all of the pure modulation traits which might be essential to the Space Echo sound.

Boss Space Echo Back Panel

Boss RE-202 Sonic Enhancements and Features

The RE-202 consists of many new features that stretch the Space Echo for today’s musicians. Twice the delay time is accessible, together with a fourth digital tape head that unlocks 5 extra sound combos.

There’s additionally an echo type that changes the space between the heads, one thing not potential with the original. In distinction with the mono RE-201, the RE-202 supplies true stereo I/O and selectable operation for guitar or line-level units. For the dry sound, you may choose between the warm and fat RE-201 preamp tone or a clear signal with zero processing.

Additionally included are a stereo model of the original spring reverb sound from the RE-201, together with hall, plate, room, and ambiance types for added versatility. Expressive Warp and Twist effects can be found as well, permitting you to launch the sound into outer space with the press of a footswitch while performing.

The RE-202 can also be really quiet. Device noise is an actual bugbear to us and we might really set the RE-202 for an at all times on preset that is constructed to present some space and roominess. Setting that is super simple, and the power to have three different presets at button press would serve nicely. The knobs are massive and straightforward to use, but the text is small so memorize what each does. There may be additionally a tap tempo switch which is a good boon to any delay.

The On/Off switch, the Preset switch and the Tap Tempo switch do double duty if you press and hold. The On/Off when held down takes you to Warp and stays there till you release. It creates longer reverbs the longer you hold it down.

The Preset means that you can set whether or not Reverb is Active when Echo is and the Tap Tempo takes you to Twist. Twist brings on a form of rotating oscillations. We dislike labels that don’t tell you a lot, but whereas these labels are considerably annoying, their description will not be completely useless.

You may connect an expression pedal or remote switch to the system as well. The MIDI slots are 1/8th inches. MIDI cables are usually not included. The system comes with its personal power supply of the wall wart kind. There is additionally a USB-C port but it is just used to update the gadget.

Boss RE-202 Space Echo

Boss RE-202 Space Echo Control

To enhance its classic heart and soul, the RE-202 has all the modern options you’d count on from a complicated delay pedal. There are 4 onboard memories for storing and recalling favorite sounds, and 123 extra are accessible through MIDI program change.

Tap tempo is also available, in addition to selectable delay carryover when switching recollections. It’s also possible to mute the dry signal for parallel effect setups and studio utilization. Expanded control is accessible through exterior footswitches, an expression pedal, and MIDI, together with the real-time operation of a number of parameters at once.

Boss RE-202 Space Echo Features:

  • Authentically recreates the sound and behavior of the legendary Roland RE-201 Space Echo
  • Classic multi-head tape echo sound with expanded delay time
  • Original three-head configuration plus additional tape head for 12 unique echo combinations
  • Independent stereo reverb section with original spring reverb types
  • Saturation control for adding magnetic tape compression and preamp coloration
  • Wow & Flutter control for introducing varying levels of natural tape modulation
  • Choose between new and aged tape conditions
  • Selectable input modes for optimum performance with instruments and line-level gear
  • Warp and Twist effects with footswitch control
  • Four onboard memories plus the current panel settings
  • Save and select 127 memories via external MIDI program change
  • Tap tempo and carryover functions
  • Expandable control via external footswitches, an expression pedal, or MIDI
  • True stereo input and output

Why You Need the Boss RE-202 Space Echo

For a lot of electric guitar and acoustic guitar players, the compact Boss RE-2 Space Echo might be more than enough when it comes to features and sounds. However for those wishing to branch out with MIDI connectivity, real-time management, and expanded tonal choices then the Boss RE-202 Space Echo could also be the preferred choice. The RE-202 additionally features a Saturation knob for adjusting signature Space Echo harmonics/distortion and compression.

There are quite a few different tape echo emulation pedals out there, and whereas some are excellent for the cash such as the Wampler Tape Echo, we don’t assume you can make a comparison in that space. At that value point, the Boss RE-202 is the clear winner for us.

8.9Expert Score
Boss RE-202 Space Echo Review

The BOSS RE-202 Space Echo effects pedal faithfully delivers the genuine sound and conduct of the enduring Roland RE-201 Space Echo in a cultivated delay pedal with modern options.

  • Precise Recreation of the Original
  • Tap Tempo
  • Very Versatile
  • Amazing Unique Sound
  • Takes some time to Master it


Get this new pedal that will most certainly remind you of the original unit from Boss and Roland. You cannot go wrong with it since the sound it provides is so original and unique, you will be mesmerized and delivered back in the ’80s when this pedal was so so famous!

We highly suggest it if you need some tape delay and reverb in one pedal, and for the money that it comes, is truly a great choice for both live acts and studio uses.

In case you are having any questions in regards to this amazing pedal, please let us know in the comment section below or reach out to the developer for more in-depth answers.


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