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Jammy Guitar Review


One of the first of its sort, this all-digital instrument is fully transportable and offers a 16-fret neck. Paired with a companion iOS app it connects to your mobile device wirelessly to your amp/headphones.

The question is, does its daring claims of extremely detailed monitoring technology and portability hold up when you truly get your hands on one? Head under the fold to find out

jammy guitar

The Jammy Guitar

Jammy is actually a conveyable digital guitar that doubles as a MIDI controller. It’s designed with a set of sensor technology in an attempt to supply customers with probably the most realistic attainable playing experience. It makes use of a modular body/frame design to make for a completely transportable system you may throw in your backpack.

It additionally has a typical 1.4-inch connector for amps, wi-fi Bluetooth for your iOS system, and a headphone jack for fast monitoring. The idea right here is that you could carry the guitar enjoying the experience with you anywhere whether it’s on the road along with your phone, in your baggage for a trip, or simply at home along with your normal amp setup.

jammy guitar assembly
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Jammy Digital Guitar App

The companion app comes together with a collection of options that actually work fairly effectively. You may get backing tracks, hints for which key to be playing in, a metronome, and more. You’ll discover the instrument’s guitar sounds (amp and pedal emulations) housed in right here.

The only thing is that they sound a bit digital to our taste, but various combinations can get you to the right sound to enjoy it a bit more. Explore the options within the app and I am sure you will be able to find your sound.

The analog noise is completely out of question with this guitar, for the simple reason that is a digital and MIDI version of a real guitar, so this stuff is out and you will only get the clean sound out of it.

One fascinating element to put up out here is that with an easy push of the main volume knob on the portable guitar itself, you may flip by numerous sounds – from psychedelic delays to heavy metal overdrive – whether or not you might be connected to the app or not.

jammy guitar app

MIDI Implementation

Where the Jammy actually shined for me personally was as a MIDI controller. You’ll be able to primarily USB-C this factor to your Logic Professional X setup (or any DAW) to set off digital devices of any sort, not not like a typical MIDI keyboard. Now the identical monitoring points come up right here, however, for me, it made for a really fascinating new input technique for synth sounds and more.

It could require some critical MPE implementation to get all the numerous enjoying nuances to track from Jammy guitar to a plug-in so expectations had been tempered right here. With the newest firmware update, you may send every string by a separate MIDI channel to set off as much as 6 completely different devices at once. That’s kind of amazing whatever the tracking points.

I landed on quite a lot of fascinating riffs and motifs together with a sequence of blissful accidents where it didn’t matter how effectively this thing tracked by guitar fingers.

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The Jammy guitar is actually an enjoyable little bit of equipment. It’s tough to judge the unit on its guitar capabilities and anticipating it to have an identical really feel and be as intuitive as a guitar could be unfair.

It did really feel that it has a bit of way to go as a purposeful guitar if it was for use in a studio but then once more the Jammy isn’t designed for this.

It’s supposed to be transportable, lightweight and for those on the go and maybe those heading to a recording session after work who don’t need the stress of transporting a guitar and hard case on a rush-hour prepare!

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