Free Plugins: Top 5 Free VST Plugins of 2019!

Top 5 Free VST Plugins of 2019!

In the jungle of free VST plugins, there are several gold nuggets to be found, if you know wherever to search. Some of the free plugins out there hold such a class that they might go for many hundred USD. And there are tons.

We’d wish to provide a massive thanks to all the VST plugin creators out there. Who is providing their wonderful work without charge? If you see a donation button anyplace on their websites, buy’em a cup of coffee. Considering that the plugins they are providing are for free, they are doing fine. But if you can, support them.

So, let’s dive in. Here are our prime 5 Free Plugins of 2019. These set the quality of how sensible and thought-out a free VST may be. Our assortment features some newer and a few older. But with all nice classics, they hold the test of time.

1. Izotope Vinyl

A nice free plugin that brings that vinyl feels to digital. Izotope, better-known best for their oZone plugins, has provided this free treat to download.

Add slightly of vintage aptitude to your tracks with a plug-in that’s a part-time machine. iZotope’s Vinyl uses advanced filtering to form an authentic “vinyl” simulation. Similarly, as if the audio was a record being played on a phonograph. Get the right quantity of rough, noisy, grit to dirty up even the cleanest tracks.

Back in time for its 15th anniversary, Vinyl could be a plug-in that enables you to simulate the mud, scratches, and warp of a worn record. Also the electrical and mechanical noise of the turntable it’s on. Provide your recordings and instrument tracks with the dirty feel of an earlier decade. Apply Vinyl to any audio signal to make it sound as if it’s being played from a record. Dial in only the proper character to fit your tune. Plus, it’s currently updated to 64-bit!

Izotope Vinyl

2. TAL-Reverb III

It is fully gorgeous – I actually have used many sorts of reverb, and haven’t yet found one this diffuse. One word that actually involves the mind is heavenly. It works well within the electronic genres after you got to build a sound large. Place this reverb on any old plinky dinky saw wave sound, and move up the status, stereo, and room size parameters. You will watch it soar like a raging griffin! When I hear it I get in a catharsis.

Not will the stereo width sound good, and full, but the brightness of the reverb is great. It doesn’t appear to copy the brightness of your sound, yet, it adds to that. This means that if you’re attempting to model realistic area sounds, it may not work for you.

The sound of the TAL is amazing. Their goal of making a colorless plate reverb without digital artifacts is heard. It’s sleek, shimmering, and nice. For a free reverb plugin, this is often a good thing. Check it out.

TAL Reverb 3

3. Stereo Buss Compressor

This plugin is ideal for those producers trying to add the finishing touches to their latest masterpiece. Modeled on legendary buss compressors from classic analog console stereo buss compressors. This may be simply what you would like. Analogue Buss Compressors are the key behind several classic releases. Typically very straightforward units, a buss compressor’s job is to ‘glue’ all the elements of a track. Also, to create mixes that sound larger with a lot of punch and character, while not losing clarity.

  • Analogue Modelled Buss Compressor.
  • The MSI Stereo Buss Compressor can be used on the master buss and also on sub-groups.
  • Great visual feedback.
  • Great sound.
  • Presets.
  • Professional GUI Design.
  • Very low CPU usage.
free plugin

4. Camel Crusher VST Plugin

With various free VST plugins, we tend to don’t want real instruments for generating any music. This technique helps in creating music and additionally offers tools to edit them. That will result in a clear outcome. Of course, for a producer and DJs, it’s necessary to put their skills polished performing them.

Camel crusher is a free VST plugin. It is accessible for Windows and Macintosh users to get high-quality audio. As a free plugin, you don’t get to think a lot and instantly install it on your record.

  • Two different distortion types.
  • Warm, analog-modeled resonant low-pass filter.
  • High-quality, easy-to-use compressor, with ‘Phat’ mode.
  • Powerful ‘MIDI Learn’ function.
  • A collection of Preset patches to get you started.
  • Randomize for instant inspiration.
Camel Crusher

5. Wider by Polyverse Music

Award-winning electronic team Infected Mushroom is proud to announce Wider. A singular stereo effect – for free! This can be their first piece of free software package released with Polyverse Music.

Wider takes the massively common pseudo stereo section from its sibling, Manipulator. It provides any user the flexibility to form the illusion of an enlarged stereo image. Working on any mono signal to an impressive degree. Wider could be a distinctive stereo plugin in the sense that it’s fully “mono-compatible”. That means that any signal that has been extended can continuously stay in phase with itself. Even though it is summed to mono.

Many pseudo stereo effects currently in use have the nasty habit to knock signals out of phase. That means it might quickly create tracks that sound muddy and unbalanced. Or make sounds appear flat and lacking dynamics.

Due to Wider’s one-of-a-kind all-pass and comb filtering algorithmic program, a natural-sounding stereo image is made. It is created from a mono channel, while not compromising the part between the sides! Instead, Wider cancels itself out once summed to mono, that the original signal is left intact.


Many of those free plugins can be used in everyday mixing and production processes.  If you struggle with finding the right settings for them, check out the ebook that we created and things will get much clearer for all of you!


Nikoloski is the founder and main content writer and editor of Mixing Tips. With his experience in audio engineering, mixing, and mastering for over 15 years, will provide hands-on experience and expertise in all the matters covered on this website.

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