Heritage Audio OST-8 ADAT Review: Brand New 8-slot 500 Series Chassis! (2023)

Heritage Audio OST-8 ADAT Review

Heritage Audio OST-8 ADAT Review

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
  • For up to eight 500 modules
  • 8-Channel AD-converter 24-bit / 192 kHz
  • On Slot Technology (power regulation for each individual slot)

Heritage Audio OST-8 ADAT Review

For people who have at all times wanted to get essentially the most from their audio interface, now you possibly can finally maximize it to the fullest with the OST-8 adat. After listening to many customers’ requests, Heritage Audio has determined to respond to their needs. Many individuals depend on the ADAT format and nearly each serious sound card consists of an ADAT option.

Due to this fact, incorporating an ADAT output is just a logical development for their designs. Now, with the OST-8 adat, they launched an 8-slot 500 series enclosure with its personal built-in premium converter to make capturing, processing, and digitalizing signals on the highest quality doable a reality and simple as could be.

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Heritage Audio OST-8 ADAT Key Features

The OST-8 adat 500 series chassis is designed for racking any and all 500-series modules and units, together with ‘double wide’ modules and even essentially the most demanding class-A and vacuum tube designs, and connect them to your current audio interface.

It features Heritage Audio’s On Slot Expertise, offering the most protection, filtering, and isolation to every channel. Whereas most 500-series enclosures available on the market have comparatively simple power supply design basically feeding each channel in parallel, every channel of the OST-8 adat enclosure has its personal power supply, individually regulated and remoted from the rest.

This ensures that each 500-series module put in will carry out at its peak potential and that no ‘power hungry’ or perhaps a defective module will compromise the performance of one other. Along with reducing interference, many 500-series gadgets really exhibit lower self-noise and higher performance when racked within the OST-8 adat enclosure, particularly mic preamps.

Once more Heritage Audio has relied on its tried and examined On Slot Expertise to ensure the cleanest, the most protected atmosphere in your helpful 500 series modules. Not only providing unmatched filtering and isolation for every slot but, it’s also possible to ensure that you will be getting the best possible performance as each module is individually regulated mainly offering them their very own power provide and guaranteeing they obtain all of the juice they may ask for. There are even two indicator lights for every slot confirming that the right voltage (+16V & -16V) is getting used.

The OST-8 adat incorporates a high-quality premium 24Bit/192kH ADC that may function as a MASTER unit or SLAVE to a different with a BNC connector to sync to WordClock to guarantee a steady conversion. Right out of the box you have already got a top-of-the-line 8-channel converter prepared to use with the chance to progressively add particular 500 series modules to complete your individual, distinctive recording or mixing rig.

Heritage Audio OST-8 ADAT Rear Panel

Now, what has to be one of the many coolest options is that it’s attainable to select individually, per channel, the input routed to the ADC. This implies one can select between the signal immediately from the input, the signal after going via the 500 modules, or an ADC EXTERNAL IN signal. This final choice could be very engaging because it provides you with much more processing possibilities for your signal before the conversion stage.

This additionally implies that you can use the OST-8 adat as a stand-alone converter and progressively add 500 modules at your convenience to arrange your ideally suited rig. So for these occasions when all you need is a top-of-the-line analog to digital converter, look no further, you have already got it right here.

All of the inputs and outputs are offered on gold plated XLRs with LINE inputs and outputs additionally being provided on DB25 connectors for convenience. The choice of 8 External Inputs for the converter is additionally obtainable on a DB25 connector.

Then there’s the Link button on the back that has turned into a must-have because it allows you to internally connect one module’s output to the subsequent, adjoining module’s input without the no need to use patching cables.

As with all Heritage Audio merchandise; the 500 Series OST-8 adat enclosures are constructed using essentially the most cutting-edge strategies in manufacturing and design, without ever compromising audio high quality or cutting corners.

Heritage Audio OST-8 ADAT Features:

  • Eight slot, Rack-mountable 500 Series chassis
  • New link feature allows each channel to be linked to the next at the push of a button
  • Each channel individually regulated, filtered, and protected for highest performance
  • Capable of delivering up to 400mA per rail per slot, or 1.8 Amps total
  • Phantom power supply delivers up to 140mA total
  • Independent Status LEDsper slot on front panel for voltage rails
  • Widest possible range of compatibility with any 500 Series device made
  • Heavy gauge steel chassis and aluminum front panel
  • Premium 8 channel 24 Bit 192kHz Converter
  • Power switch on the front panel

Why You Need the Heritage Audio OST-8 ADAT

With the new technologies that are introduced to this unit by Heritage Audio, you should be convinced that this is the ultimate chassis for your 500-series units. Once you get it, you should have no doubts in terms of the performance of this device.

The new possibilities of this gadget will definitively improve the 500-series game. Not that the older models will not to the work properly, but this model will do that even better and with the unique and singular powering to each unit – this is a grab!

8.7Expert Score
Heritage Audio OST-8 ADAT Review

The OST-8 adat 500 series chassis is designed for racking any and all 500-series modules and units, together with ‘double wide’ modules and even essentially the most demanding class-A and vacuum tube designs, and connect them to your current audio interface.

  • 8-Slot Chassis
  • Amazing Linking Options
  • Power for each Slot
  • Great Converters
  • Portable but Heavy


If you think this is the right time to upgrade your 500-series chassis, then this is the new unit for you. Heritage Audio is well known for what they are producing and you won’t be sorry that you’ve chosen this brand. Give your 500 Series units a bit of personal space with this chassis!

In case you are having any questions in regards to this unit, please let us know in the comment section below or reach out to the customer care department of Heritage Audio.


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