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  1. Hi friend,

    All the dimensions were taken from the official websites. If they missed the data, I missed it too 🙂

    Thanks for the input!

  2. Hi Martin,

    We would say that it all depends on the size of the room you are mixing in. If you are in a bigger room, go with the 8s. On the other hand, if you mix in a smaller room, it is better to get the 5s. Hope this answers your question.


  3. Hi Kim,

    The quality of the reverbs is top-notch, but we would not like to compare them to other reverbs, since each developer has its own flavor added. But in terms of Eventide processors, we guarantee for the quality!

  4. Hola amigo.

    No puedes equivocarte con ninguna de esas interfaces que mencionaste. Ambos le brindarán un sonido y características sorprendentes. El SSL le dará color adicional con la perilla 4k y el Audient es conocido por su transparencia, por lo que depende de usted.

    Espero que no haya errores en el texto ya que fue traducido con Google Translate.

  5. Hi friend,

    If SSL2+ worked well, the SSL12 will work even better!

    Habe a great day and thanks for the comment.

  6. Hi Stephen,

    The only issue that I am seeing in what you want to do is having the two drivers working together and both of the interfaces functioning without any problems. Since we never tried this option, our suggestion will be to reach out to the official SSL contact center and ask for further guidance. Hope this helps!


  7. Hi Jermaine,

    Hope this video helps:


  8. Hi Shannon,

    With the H90 being a unit that adds various modular and time-based effects, I believe that it won’t add much quality to a bass guitar, since the bass requires very minimal processing. On the other hand, if you want to experiment with it, this is the right unit for that purpose. Hope this helps!

  9. HI friend,

    Thanks for the update! The negative comment was updated accordingly


  10. Hi Juan,

    Since you are recording everything in the DAW, you can activate the monitoring from it, the only thing lacking is the balance between signals. Otherwise, if you record at optimal levels, you will have an easy time mixing it afterward. You will be only concerned if you are tracking the vocal you are recording the whole time, but you have other solutions for it.

    Hope that clarifies things!

    Mixing Tips

  11. Hi Brockstar,

    Thanks for noticing! All the points were updated accordingly.

    Bests, Mixing Tips Team

  12. Hi Steve,

    Unfortunately, most multi-channel amps do not have DAC included in them. For this reason, you will need to go separately with amp + DAC. The AKG 4 channel amp is a good starting point if you are after the channels and the Apogee one if your priority is in the DAC. Hope this helps!

  13. Thanks for the love!

  14. Hi again buddy,

    I talked with UAD customer service and they stated that if you are using Mac you will face no problems, but if you are using Windows – you might end up having some difficulties. They also stated that the problem is not their drivers or hardware, but the operating system of the user.

    Hope this helps!

  15. Hi friend,

    Thanks for the comment. Truly, in our experience – when we tried to use more than one interface before, we ended up with conflicts with drivers. Our suggestion is to try and reach out to UAD customer service for a more detailed answer on this topic. We didn’t had experience with two 476P before, but it may be possible to be able to connect two and record simultaneously.

  16. Hi Habib,

    It is best to look more deeply into the model you like for your room and investigate more deeply from thereon. You have the best metrics for your room and you’ll be able to find the user manual from the desired speaker and find all the numbers you need. We just selected the models we thought are good for midfield speakers – from there on, it is your decision 🙂

    Thanks for the comment!

Mixing Tips
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